Who are you?

Writer, presenter.

What's the worst job you ever had?

Street PR-ing for a Magaluf nightclub.

And the best?

Agricultural reporter for The Commercial Grower. 

So where are you from? Some say you're not authentically English and should have been driven to Dover in a G4S van right after the Referendum.

True, I was born in South Africa. In my defence, my South London parents always had Sky News on. And I've lived in the Mother Country on and off for over a decade now.

What's your thing?

Satire, Reportage, Politics, Economics, Pop Culture, History, Music. For a long time it was mainly music. But music's a bit over now, isn't it?

Depends how you feel about Krept & Konan.

Well, precisely.

Well, precisely. What sorts of things are you presently working on?

Right now, my biggest project is a documentary series I'm making with VICE US called Chosen Ones, where I get under the skin and on the nerves of America's alternative believers. 

What happens in these episodes?

Mainly I just spill the drinks of indigo children, or group hug it out on men's retreats. 

Figures. How can I contact you?

Oh you know, it's the 21st century, just whistle. Twitter's here. Or get me on the gmail. Or maybe this form.

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