I've been making a series about alternative communities for American VICE called Chosen Ones. 

The first episode is about Indigo Children. The second is about The New Masculinity. The third is about Narcissism and features Donald Trump in a rare nude role (the fee was right). 

In early 2015, VICE asked me to present a series of alternative takes on the upcoming General Election. The result was  "Election '15": three months of ingesting NOS, or hanging out at May Day's annual anarchist black-blocking of Tower Bridge, or going to The Boat Race to evaluate the elite's voting conundrum at an election tailored to soot-blackened crust-munching prole-folk. 

I've since made a series of similar shorts about Brexit - including one about the UK Berliners now about to say Ich Bin And Gone

Back when I was smart, I interviewed the British intelligentsia's greatest OG, Jonathan Meades, and chaired the Radical Essex Q&A with him. 

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